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Friday, June 12, 2009

I dunno why so long cnt post.
i tried for quite some time lia0.
Nowadays i spamming restaurant city.
spam until win sarah and yong xian already.
want to choing after gladys
but really nid few years

Now i more engrossed with my jiehs and dii
dunno why everyday also want to call them

you all always want me to update until i rush
then my com lagged for 2hours
my heart really skipped a beat that time.

next year, i plan to invite all my frens to come my birthday
including HER, of course.

Next year i want go Either SSS or any school that accept a score above 230
then can lia0

Now i tell Valent that i want to buy bithday present for her
then she say she want the cookie monster
i also dunno wat thats
but i think surely very childish
her birthday lies on 8th January
2 days after iffah
speaking of iffah
i quite fed up with her
she at the class outing quite ok
but when go inside the haunted house
she want to hold Adilah's hand
then accidentally hold my hand
Si Behh Pek Cek.

9:11 PM

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lyrics Time:
God is a girl:Remembering me,discovering and see.
All over the world,she's known as a girl.
To those who are free,their minds shall be keep,
forgotten as the past,cause history will last.

God is a girl, whereever you are.Do you believe it,can you recieve it.
God is a girl,watever you say,do you believe it,can you recieve it.
God is a girl,however you live,do you believe it,can you recieve it.
God is a girl, she's only a girl,do you believe it,can you recieve it.

She wants to shine,forever in time.
She is so driven,she's always mine.
Caring and free,she wanted to be.
A part of the future,a girl like me.
There is a sky,illuminating us,Someone is out there that we truly trust.
There is a rainbow for you and me,A beautiful sunrise eternally....

God is a girl,wherever you are,do you believe it,can you recieve it.
God is a girl,whatever you say,do you believe it, can you recieve it.
God is a girl,however you live,do you believe it,can you recieve it.
God is a girl,she's only a girl,do you believe it,can you recieve it.

Moonlight shadow:

The last that ever she saw him,carried away by a moonlight shadow.
He passed on worried and warning.carried away by a moonlight shadow.
Lost in a riddle that Saturday night,far away on the other side.
He was caught in the middle of a desperate fight,and she couldn't find how to push through.

The trees that whisper in the evenig,carried away by a moonlight shadows.
Sing a Song of sorrow and grieveing,carried away by a moonlight shadow.
All she saw was a silhouette of a gun,far away on the other side.
He was shot six times by a man on the run,and she couldn't find how to push through.

I stay,i praySee you in heaven far away.
I stay,i praySee you in heaven one day.

4.am in the morning,carried away by the moonlight shadow.
I watched your vision forming,carried away by the moonlight shadow.
Stars move slowly in a silvery night,far away on the other side.
Will you come to talk to me this night.But she couldn't find how to push through.
I stay,i pray,See you in heaven far away.
I stay,i pray,See you in heaven one day.

5:46 PM

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yong Xian help me changed the blogskin and added the songs for me...
Thxs..Yong Xian

i am really going madd lia0.
at school get scolding,
at home get beating
and then in class not concentrating,
dunno wat happened larhhs

Mr Lee staring to be serious lia0
everyday scold without fail
feel vehh sad larhhs

then last time i sneezed.
Then ask me to stand
you all laugh for wat!!!!
want to sabo me is it.
Then horhhs
Still say me.
Not my fault mah
cannot stand one marhh
you all go laugh
teacher should scold you all instead lehh
then instead of saying God Bless You,
still critisise me.

Today still scold me
Say my science corrections and Maths corrections nehh do
then scold me
lyk that can already
then still add salt add sugar
say i cry more larhh
instead of encouraging me
still scold me
but still got warned also larhh.
really vehh tough lorhhs at 6B.
but its better not to change then i can stay with my brothers

4:07 PM

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

frens long time bo post liao....
really vehh sian larhh
don wanna post....
You guys sure hate me vehh much one larhh..

today vehh sad lehh
kenna scolding,then cum home hear song criie lia0.
dunno wat happened.

then my writing starting to be lyk my qann jiehh already.
you go check lor.
Neo Jia Hui and Valent Ho Jia Xuan is the name
they my qann jiehh mahh..

tmr then post lia0.. maybe larhhs

9:40 PM

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mr Lee cannot go with us the outing
I was thinking....
SA1 is over and there is Prelim and PSLE,
but..... we could take ONE day break,
just that outing day, and we could have
30th May- 7th June,9th June-27th June to do our revision mah
why teacher don encourage.
I admit that my results and way lagging behind you guys,
but ain't letting us stay home all day gives us more stress.
And ppl start saying us mama's boy....

When going home, i go take hui hui bottle and then say i buy new one.
Lily with her mah, then she say face to face ask me to return.
i say i kan ta xiao then return.
Then later i take again, Hui Hui dunno
then i walk to my void deck then tell her that i found a bottle.
She of course retrieved from me, but the Lily say,
i dunno wat she exactlly say but i hear the LJ word.
I tell her that i will tell teacher.

Why am i keep sighing today?

9:33 PM

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally,i as the green monitor
can do something.
Can collect newspaper.
actually you cannot describe the fun that i have now
it was so fun.
collecting newspaper.
Dunno why
Tmr going to spam more newspaper
I wish,think,must win no matter by hook or by crook
as long as we do our best,
it is good enough.

8:05 PM

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I deleted the post on the relationship.
Hope you guys treat it as a joke.

I hope i get gd remarks for my Essay
I rite almost to hell leh
i think the judges will not accept leh

Today i suggested to Mr Lee to let Mdm Yeo take over our Science lessons
He say why leh
then i silent
Then he say She pretty ah.
I say sort if
Then he say i not pretty meh
Then i laugh
Then the David also say Whoa Mr Lee you girl ah
Insulting you know
I hope Mr Lee would let Mdm Yeo come to teach science
but that is out of the point

8:39 PM

Friday, April 10, 2009

Today no school.Hooray.But cannot see my frens.so sad....
Then today dunno wat to post and wat to do. so xian lor.
At school better.Can do homework.and then at home have to do revision.
i got do but nid to always do.Bored to death.
Then SA1 coming.wishes everyone to do their best.
especially Xingzhu,Vincent yong,Ke Xuan,Alvis and Ivan
Their Maths quite pro Science also.
The preliminary exam should not be a problem la. I think thats wat Mr lee said.
i dunno................................ Later he scold me again==

11:27 AM

Monday, April 6, 2009

Yo. i very long never post lia0.I dunno wat to post.
I played DJ max 2 in the past with only pressing 4 buttons only.now i play with 5 and 6 buttons lia0.i started to get the hang of it. But the Memiors damn hard lor.
My fingers starting to break lia0.Then now near to exam then cannot play too often.
Then today at school, teacher tell us to find out wat is population,organisms,community and interdependance. i have yet to find out. Sherman tell e he dunno wat to find in the internet. then i go and find. don't have leh.Then today thy component test also quite up to our standard. then during the sup hor........
............................................................Walao dunno wat i do lia0.

OH yeah!we have Lc then we go through the english. then can go home.
When the Sin Hao leave,i tell Ms Rabia that Sin Hao never bring his..............
................Walao cannot remenber again.
OH yeah!! Thumbdrive....... KAO! i cannot remember most of the things sia.
Then i look very bad lor. telling the teacher. i so KPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LOL o.0

Aiya,old already will like that one la.LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL.
I said myself old, but i don wanna delete the post. let people know i old more good.
So weird,today Xingzhu never ask me to go play block catching. He everyday will ask one.
today never. Then MS ChenSiQi, can you don put your words together. you brought disgrace to the people who visit my LAMEEEEEE blog.6B leh.........

10:19 PM

Monday, March 30, 2009

Today, Vincent yong,Wesley(Oscar elder bro),Aaron(Oscar little bro).Xingzhu,Oscar and me played block catching.It was quite fun when me and Oscar two bro argued whether to catch the three pro runners.

We then test our luck lor. i waited at one of the stories,hoping to catch them.And real enough i caught Xingzhu.I heard his voice then i hid, i then from behind catch him.Then when Vincent Yong and Xingzhu is the catchers,me and Oscar,Wesley And Aaron went to our seperate ways.
Then we went bored for 15mins, wanna know why.........
We went to 14th floor and stayed there for 10mins
then i go down and take a risk,then kenna get caught.
Oscar tio caught first lor.i so heng sia.Then we drink a very 'so called cool' drink.
With ants.Believe it or not,ask them

8:51 PM

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Xingzhu just came my house just now
we play com then psp
com he go play the so called'MAPLE' flash
it is nice though

then we play psp
DJ max portable 2
Then i promise him that i will let him play'twisted metal' a car game
after i played four songs with each a 1000 combo
he say i crazy
then i do it and show him lor

in the middle
he helped me press the'fever'button
then i press the other 4

When we are near to the end
he make my chain break
then have to restart
he say me bu gou brother
like i care lor

Then he now go home............

Next coming back to school issues

iffah ask me to go woodlands regional library do SS project
then i reject her
when i go home
serene tell me that they at iffah house
i say impossible they go library liao

then she say i at iffah house,thats why i know

Then the Hui Hui say on thursday during tuition
Want me to gather the boys and argue with her and the girls

Then Friday she say cai guai....

i then clench my fist wanted revenge lor
Then the next target to bully is Si Qi
sry,don blame me ah Si Qi

I asked her whether want to play fist fight or not
She say don want
then she come to me and say
Why your phone have the name Qi Qi on it
i thought you are not supposed to call me that
only girls can call me that

i say cannot ah
then i leave

when i was walking
i wanted to punch her lor
she is a girl.

These two girls are the bulling targets of me
then alvis say that she and him are frens only
i thought should be'frens liao'
why'frens only'
They are frens at first meh
they protested each other mah.

I lazy to care la
To my surprize
Mr Lee know my blog
I know it during monday after school holidays

7:24 PM

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Exams Finally over
Everone can relax already,
except me

i still have to do a lot more revision
for my maths

My target actually for maths is83 leh,
But then i go take another paper
then time wasted
left 1 question never do

So sad
My mother see already sure kill me
Then i die lor
Cannot see my frens lia0....

Then for Science my target is 76,
but the paper so difficult
Sure cannot get one lar

Then for English i finally know how much is the highest in our class,
Is less than 70.
Yew Weng Tell me one
i don quite believe

Then today during Recess
Si Qi talking to her frens
then i from behind scare her
Everytime i scare her one time she say me Shen Jing Bing
I dunno wat is that

Then i think just now in class
Miss Kaur call alvis out is because
Alvis beat Mdm Yeo la
I think so

Becoz morning mdm yeo talk to me
Abt taking a extra paper for the maths paper 2
Then Alvis go say Mdm Yeo pull my shirt as my shirt there go one hole,
Then Mdm Yeo go and pull leh
Then Alvis go From Mdm Yeo behind and then beat her on her shoulder
Then Mdm Yeo tell Alvis to watch out
She tell principal.
then Xingzhu And I go say Alvis Watch out ah

Then for my secondary school Without me saying you all also know rite
Anderson la
But need 250 leh
not easy lor

1:25 PM

Monday, March 9, 2009


three more days after exam over.

All of us can relax liao.Today Ms Rabia Got meeting
all of us very happy but actually i not so happy la
because cannot blow air-con...

Today after EL exam,all of us so noisy
when Mrs Ying walking in to our classroom that time,
we all huh~~~~
then when she turn to other class hor
we all yay.

Then actually very happy
Tmr Maths Liao
Then everyone or some of them very happy
Maths actually Very easy one la.

Less than 40 one are noobs man
I also maybe will get less then 40

6:55 PM

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pls Vote for the poll pls

I want to know before SA1

The B4 prelim i will ask again

Thanks guys

8:45 AM

I added some of my favourite actor and actress's blog
Some of them may not work


8:17 AM

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is me not my cousin.............................

i decided to tell it todae becuz iffah found out
how she found out,you ask her lar..............................

i actually wanted to trick you guys,but thinking ahead wat will happen,
i then tell you guys...............................

Especially Si qi which has been tricked by me,
i told her i am syron's cousin.then she take it for real
2nd time. she thinks that 'sykang' is weird in his questioning.

Then she ask me whether i am syron or not.
then of course,i said yes.

iffah also quite clever,can find out my true identity

srry for the people who i tricked. hope you all 4give me.......................

8:06 PM

Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Shoot!!!!!!!!! why the hell i..........

and if you could give me the password for the 6B blog,
that will be great.

And i now realised that many so many girls hated me
wat i should not say i say out,then make
relationship~~~frenship~~~enemyship~~~finally no ship

10:53 PM

very long since i updated my blog.
I tired lar,also got stress in work.
dun expect me to post everyday ok

then i have yet to talk abt my 2nd part of the birdae party
after the birthday song,
we went to take our foods,
rice was eaten until none but mee hoon was left a bunch
make my family life miserable.Then the first to go home is keane,
followed by joel,
then the girls,
then left alvis they all,

the boys go prank call sin hao and his mother
then they were kenna by mr lee sumdays later
then the girls may hated me for inviting boys which irritate them
lyk alvis oscar and cxz

then the next embarrass thing to be stated is,
they saw that thing.
i was SOOOOOOOO embarrass that time

then becuz nothing to do,
they wanted to go home.
i actually wanted to tell hui hui sumthing then the girls wer inside
the boys are outside.
so i dun dare to go in.

then when all left,myparents have a hard time clearing up as mee hoon was left a lot
then i went to on my com and then started posting
(some events may not be stated by me)

then when i posted finish,the best word and the most
POPULAR i said was


AND MY com was shut

10:33 PM

Sunday, February 8, 2009
Birdae party!

so ytd was my birdae
Vincent yong,alvis,xingzhu,oscar,serene.yongxian,hui hui,si qi,joel
Oscar bro-Wesley,Oscar mum,Oscar sister-Shakesphere
Oscar little bro-Aaron,come
but some come and then left without eating but give me presents.
lyk sherman,sherman little bro-sherwin.Maverick,
Joey ling and especially sin hao,come create chaos
come already then go back,then later come again and come back.
Then the second last time he come back,
Then we chase him around or in the block.

Next, to the events that happen.

1)Vincent and Newpig come first,
then next is keane followed by alvis
then Oscar two bros
we played computer games
together.Shouted until very loud
2)The food came,YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3)Then the girls came
Si Qi,Hui Hui,Serene and Yong Xian
come.when they come in,they saw alvis,
and then CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(more info on the chaos will be listed by Yong Xian or Si Qi)
4)Then the girls gave me a Handphone strap,which i lyk it very much
then the boys(which Yong Xian called them,GAYZ which i don quite agree)
go sabo me, say i with hui hui that thing.
then hui hui go threaten them.
5)Then the boys wanted to play block catching,
looks lyk very fun lyk that
they play until all sweaty.
Oscar and Alvis come my house for hiding, want me to protect them
6)Then hui hui complained that they want to start quick
they wanted to go home at 7pm.
then i called the boys back
7)then when they come back,we didn start immediately.
Maverick then come,but he say he don wish to see hui hui.
Because she will take a knife and slash him
i go persuade hui hui to let him in.
She said"This is your party,you want to invite who idc.
BUT if you say i that one him,i take knife and slash you.
Then he come in of course.
8)then few moments later,Si Qi go say me sumthing, i overheard and put my hands on the fulcrum of the door and ask her wat you say
then Maverick want to close the door and i say Ow! and he can't hear. and close the door
my middle finger was then clamped by the door.
Then it bleed,i didn't cry.
cause the girls are here.If i cry i will embarrass myself.
then the birdae song strarted.

I will mention more later of the day

10:00 AM

Saturday, February 7, 2009
part 2




Next is part 2

Hui hui always hates me but i was wondering


and i finally know the answer todae
i very kpo

so after sending spams to each other

we then he hao ru chu
hope you know chinese

so after tuition,
we chated(with phone)while on the way home

something abt homeworks or sumthing
so at home we also chated
then we both very tired

want to sleep

talking of sleep
i wan to sleep now

no time
2mr talk to you abt my birthdae party

11:42 PM


Disclaimer here.
and of course,
no removing of credits, please.


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Known as Syron Tan kwan Sing.
Studying in GWPS
Hatched on 7-2-97
Gou Brother
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